Mousemats & Coasters

Too often companies promotional budget is spent on quirky little products that may interest customers for a few minutes or maybe even a few days but will then be forgotten about or ignored after. If you give your customers something that they can actually make good use of then you are paving the way towards making a sound return on your investment. Promotional mouse mats and coasters are the perfect driver for this. Imagine your brand having pride of place in front of your customers every single working day - seen not only by your customers, but also by their customers when they visit!

There are few promotional products that offer this level of exposure. In our experience, mouse mats and coasters are often the only part of the desk that is always on show so your brand/logo is on full view day in day out!

We offer a wide range of availabilities that can be printed onto these mouse mats and coasters, with a vast amount of space you won’t be crammed for room. How about a big logo? Or maybe a large picture of your building. The world is your oyster. Offering a free visual of the product before you buy it, it has to be done, with great quality and affordable pricing.