Looking for a quirky cost effective way to boost your company’s profile? Promotional key rings are the way to go. Keyrings can easily fit into an offline marketing strategy and, key rings will always be a fashion and will be attractable to customers. 

At Viro Branding, we specialise in providing engraved or printed key rings with your brand name, contact details and any other marketing information that you may want to be seen. Our keyrings are available in a vast arrange of shapes, sizes and materials, whether you have hundreds of pounds to spend – or thousands!

Great for use in the build-up to a new product launch or just too showcase your organisation, personalised key rings are durable, portable, and lightweight, eye catching and cost-effective. Quite simply, a printed keyring will allow the recipient to keep all of their keys together but will also display your logo every time the recipient uses their key having a constant reminder of that one business who gave them that keyring.
Whatever kind of keyrings you want, we always provide our customers with a visual of their order before you wish to confirm and production begins. That way, you can be confident that your order will be made to your exact specifications. However save all the hard work to us we will design the keyrings for you to save you time and effort and out are expertise into action.