Our Branding Methods

There are many different methods of branding and the most appropriate one depends, amongst other things, on the type of product being branded, the number of colours to be branded and the expected life-time of the product. Some of the most common branding methods are listed below, in which ViroBranding offer all!

Screen-printing: This is used on pens, flat plastic items and PU, some bags and clothing, particularly T-shirts. Ink is applied to the product by pushing it through a screen (or stencil) containing your design.

Embroidery: This is a great way to achieve quality personalisation on most clothing and headwear. Modern machinery offers speed and multiple colour possibilities. A typical design is based on a stitch count of around 5 to 10,000 stitches. Embroidered branding on clothing tends to be more durable than screen-printing or vinyl transfer.

Vinyl transfer: This is usually used on clothing. The design is cut from vinyl by a computer-controlled plotter. The vinyl is then heat-pressed on to the garment. Vinyl-transfers are great for short-run jobs but it can be tricky to brand in more than one colour. Also, vinyl is only available in a limited range of colours.