Engraved USB Flash Drives!

Posted by guest on Apr 20, 2016

ViroBranding offer Printing & Engraving off your Logo or Text directly onto the body of your promotional USB flash drive, USB key or USB wristband. This branding facility gives you a major marketing opportunity to promote your Company, School, College or University by exposing and developing your brand image.

By personalising your USB flash drive, with your logo or message will not only promote your Company, School, College or University but also establish your brands awareness in a very competitive market place.

Your promotional USB flash drives that are Laser engraved will never lose their logo, it will never fall off, get chipped away. This is because the logo is laser etched onto the metal part of the promotional USB drive

Here we have engraved Mirage's Company logo and website onto both sides of the memory stick, giving it a sharp look with a long life span.